Hi! I'm Dan. I'm a writer.

I am a copywriter, occasional journalist and creative nonfiction writer with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing. I will write top-notch posts for your blog that are of the quality you’d find in print publications. Because I am a one-man blog management show, you will work directly with me. That means communication is seamless, and you get a blog precisely tailored to your voice and business. Plus, I don’t pay staff, which means I charge a fraction of what agencies do.

Norman and I have an 11-year story!

if i manage your blog, you will get more customers. Here's how:

We Will Boost Your Search Ranking

Google sends its users to sites that are full of content relevant to the user's search terms. And it prefers content that is updated regularly. If you want to be on page one, there is no "trick" to replace a consistently updated blog..

Build Your Expert Authority

Nothing says you know your stuff more than hundreds of informative and entertaining blog posts related to your customer, industry and products.

And Create More Inbound Links

When your site is packed with insightful posts about your topic, people will link them and share them on social media. The result? Thousands of dollars' worth of free traffic.

So That You Dominate Your Competition

I know exactly how to pack your blog with the keywords your potential customers are using to search for you. Sure, there are "tricks" to improve your SEO. But the one thing that can never be faked, not by you or your competition, is a history of quality content. When you have a consistently updated blog, and your competitor doesn't, you put miles between you that can never be made up.

plus, the benefits of your blog posts compound year after year.

Part of why a managed blog delivers such a remarkable ROI is its compounding benefit. See, when you run an ad, the ad runs, you get some results, and it’s over. A blog is always out there improving your SEO, building your authority, and creating the possibility for inbound links. 

Over time you can count on a steady flow of new leads without further investment, because the work to generate that traffic is already done.

Why use my blog management service?

impeccably written posts

I'm not saying I'm Hemingway over here – but I have mastered the fundamentals of good writing, and I have published countless articles. Your blog will be entertaining, inspirational and worth sharing and linking to.

automatic uploads

I will upload my writing to your blog on my own. You are always welcome to send me ideas, give me feedback and craft your blog with me – but most of my clients choose to hire me and hand off the keys.

graphics and images

I am able to source and upload royalty-free stock images to improve social sharing visibility. Plus, it will help your blog look beautiful and professional.

timely subjectmatter

As journalists, we answer the question "why talk about this right now" whenever we write. I will tie your content in with what's in the news to increase the odds of inbound links and your post going viral.

optimized content

I will write your blog with SEO best practices. If you have an SEO plugin on your site, I will use it. If you have a WordPress blog, or if I set up your blog, I will install such a plugin for you.

On-site CTA links

I also write ad and website copy, so I will also gently pitch your offerings on your blog. Your posts will include "call-to-action" links to your product or purchase pages to capture you more leads.

there are unbeatable benefits to having me as your single point of contact.

  • You can influence the content and the voice of your blog so that…

  • Your blog will be genuine - as though you or someone from your company is writing it.

  • You can personalize posts by providing me with stories and pictures from company events or other happenings.

  • You have one point of contact, so communication is seamless and fast.

  • Your blog will be consistent in voice, content and quality and…

  • Subjects won't awkwardly repeat too soon like it does when you have a huge "team" of writers working on your blog.

  • It's so much less expensive. You don't have to pay for go-betweens, managers and office space. I am the rare guy who has all the skills necessary to manage your blog without hiring or contracting anyone else.

how do we get started?

By now you have probably figured out the ‘catch.’ Because it’s just me, there is a limit to how many clients I can take on. As of the early fall of 2020, I have a few spaces open. Once they fill, I will start a waiting list. 

Please click the “Get Started Now” button below. You’ll  fill out a short form to tell me a bit about you and your company. We will set up a time for a quick Zoom meeting (or a phone call, if you prefer) to dig into what you’re after. I will make recommendations, and we can see if we would like to work together. If we do…

I can build your blog and do your keyword research, if that hasn’t been done already. Typically, I charge $500 to do this. However, if it has already been done, there is no setup fee. You just start making your monthly payment, and I start managing a blog that gets you a steady flow of new leads.