if you want a website that sells, put a salesperson behind the keyboard.

When I write your copy, you benifit from my...

  • 22+ Years of High-Ticket Selling

    When I write copy for you, I am drawing upon a complete understanding of the sales process. That means we will say the right things in the right order, so you build trust, explain benefits in a relatable way, anticipate and overcome objects and create offers that inspire action.

  • 10,000+ Face-to-Face Sales Conferences

    I have looked in the eyes of more than 10,000 potential customers and sold premium products. This first-hand experience provides me a deep understanding of why people buy - and why they don't. Your copy will be compelling without sounding “salesly.”

  • 3 Businesses Built Entirely With My Copywriting

    I have built three successful companies of my own, all on the back of my copywriting. This is invaluable: I learned to write copy by re-writing it until it worked. For nearly 20 years my personal success was inexorably linked to the success of my copy.

Me when I was a young salesperson!

The three kinds of clients I work for:


I help owners and CMOs excel in highly competitive, local markets where all the business ends up at the top. For example, HVAC companies may have over 100 competitors in their area – but most people only call one or two most visible providers. The top dogs end up feasting, and everyone else is left fighting for the scraps. 

To get you fed, I write your copy according to Google's guidelines, so we make sure we build the foundation of your Search Engine Optimization correctly. Then, I will tailor your copy's message to match your market. That way visitors to your page take action instead of bouncing to someone else's page. 

I am confident I can massively increase the number of leads your website generates. I have this confidence because it's how I have built my own companies. I don't theorize. I recreate my past successes step-by-step.


I understand this market well because, as I've mentioned, I owned businesses for almost two decades. Copywriting excels when it demonstrates an understanding of the prospect. And when it comes to selling to this group, there are some critical rules you cannot break.

A ham-handed, amateur copywriter who thinks he's going to "push pain points" to get an entrepreneur to buy is going to cost you a fortune in lost business. 

Entrepreneurs see right through "salesy" garbage. Instead, we look for someone who clearly understands our challenges, empathizes with their difficulty and offers a high-value solution.

I will write laser-focused copy that cuts right to the best parts of your product and quickly shows your market you have a high-value solution to their needs.


If you have been writing your copy and no longer have the time to keep it up as your company grows, I can help.

It can be challenging as hell to find someone to pass the torch to because your copywriter needs to understand more than just your product – they have to understand your business' soul. You need someone who can go beyond features and benefits and capture your passion for the company's mission.

When I ran my largest company, I often wished I could clone myself. Unfortunately, I'm not a mad scientist with an underground cloning lab. I can, however, clone your copy.

For some glorious reason, I am adept at capturing and recreating a founder's unique voice and tone. I suppose it's an art and not a science, but whatever it is, it makes me the ideal person to maintain your brand's voice and message.

my process and deliverables

  1. Look at all your current marketing and broadly research your competitors and market.
  2. Meet with you to do a deep dive into your business. I ask all kinds of questions to understand who you are, what you stand for, and the value of what you offer. We will brainstorm together so that I come away knowing exactly what you need and can begin my work.
  3. Send you an early and not-yet-spectacular draft of your copy to make sure I am on the right track before wasting time on something you don’t love.
  4. Complete and send my final draft to my editor (an award-winning journalist and magazine editor,) who proofreads and suggests clarifying changes.
  5. Provide you the edited draft of your copy for you to request revisions. I keep revising as long as it’s reasonable to do so, but typically one round of edits is all that’s necessary.
  6. Work with your web designer to align my copy with the right graphic elements (checklists, icon lists, pricing graphs, images, etc.) so that my writing’s power isn’t lost in the site’s design.
  7. Make any final tweaks to the copy on the completed site before it launches.
  8. Earn your referrals and repeat business until I am writing from a boat where I hit golf balls into turquois oceanwater and sip foo-foo drinks.

How do we get started?

If you would like to discuss hiring me, we’ll set up a Zoom meeting where we can get to know each other. We will talk about your company and your project to determine if we think there’s a good fit and we’d like to work together. I’ll send over a formal proposal and, if everything looks good, we will get started.

Most people tell me that this consultation was well worth their time, even if they don’t hire me. I will provide a valuable “second set of eyes” on your marketing.

To start the process, just click the blue “Get Started” button below and use the short form to introduce yourself. I will get in touch soon to schedule a meeting.