Ready to tell your story?

I believe that stories make sales. Sounds weird, right? But in a marketplace bombarded with click-bait and out-of-date, sensationalist copywriting, there is a real chance for great writing to stand out. That’s what I want to do for you: provide you with words that inspire, educate, entertain and, ultimately, compel your customers to buy.

I enjoy being at my desk tapping at the keys for my clients. By some odd twist of psychology, I enjoy writing web content and sales copy above all else. I don’t dream of writing the great American novel – I dream of working for people like you. So, let me offer to help you craft your story, share it with the world, and grow your business.

“Writing is something that you can never do as well as it can be done. It is a perpetual challenge and it is more difficult than anything else that I have ever done – so I do it. And it makes me happy when I do it well.”

– Earnest Hemingway